About Us

OMNI CBD is a division of LVC Deals Inc. a Nevada Corporation.

Over the pass four years we have been concentrating on the Medical Cannabis, Hemp and CBD markets. This is the fastest growing industry in the US. There are now 29 states that offer some type of Medical Cannabis program.

We first visited Denver, Colorado in 2014 after passage of Recreational Cannabis bill in 2013. In October 2015, I had the pleasure of taking a group of five Costa Rican Senators to Denver and working with the law firm that wrote the Colorado Cannabis bill, Vicente Sederberg LLC they put together a full three day agenda, visiting cannabis grow operators, dispensaries, cannabis extraction firms, laboratories and the Governors office of Marijuana and Colorado State Senators and Reps. I made many new friends and we keep in contact often.

In July of 2016 we put together the first Latin American Medical Cannabis Conference that was held in San Jose, Costa Rica. Over 120 people from 8 different countries attend this break through event. Many of speakers came from the US. Industry leading firms like Eden Labs, Kalogia, MJ Freeway, Incredibles, Americans for Safe Access, FOCUS, and the Colombian Cannabis Company.

We have attended the Marijuana Business Conference 4 different times and had a booth show casing the “Cannabis Industry Association Costa Rica” at the Las Vegas November 2016 event. The 2018 event was attended by over 18,000 people. Every morning we receive Google Alerts for Cannabis News, Marijuana News, Marijuana licenses and many other daily Cannabis news outlets. If it’s going happening in the Cannabis Industry, were on top on it.

We believe the future is in the HEMP and legal CBD products, many of which have not even been invented yet. The next 5 years will be very exciting times.

If you have an interest in these new and exciting markets, becoming a OMNI CBD Associate is a great way to start.

Thank you,

Tim Morales
LVC Deals Inc.

Proud members of the Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association.